Your gut gives you important information every day from how the foods you eat affect your cells and immune system, to a powerful intuitive feeling when it tells you that something is just not right…I call that Divine guidance that is rooted in my deep spiritual connection to God and the Universe.

Recently I had to re-evaluate a relationship that was very dear to me. It’s never easy for me as a woman in recovery from prescription drug addiction who thrives best in a world of certainty when a relationship I cherished became so uncertain and disconnected, and began to affect my physical health. I will never entertain sustaining any relationship that has the potential to affect my successful recovery, and my well being.

I asked God/Universe to guide me to the best decision for my well being as I prayed for guidance each day. As more and more information was revealed to me about this man that I trusted and loved implicitly, as God and the Universe guided me, I learned that he had been dishonest with me in addition to what seemed to be his indifference to me which was out of character of the man I’d known. “Who is he?” I asked myself each day. Is he trying to figure out his feelings, or perhaps he is just not the man he claimed to have been all along?

I became uncentered in my life due to the sudden lack of connection with this man, and it began to affect all things and people around me. Since I know first hand that a lapse in recovery can sneak up on you without warning caused by triggers, I decided to end the drama and suffering this relationship was causing me to once again find balance and peace in my life. The actual act of ending this relationship instantly re-centered me, and the physical manifestations of the stress I was suffering with almost instantly subsided.

I know who I am and what I want and deserve to have in a relationship, and especially as a middle aged woman, I will not waste my time in a relationship where I am the only one enhancing it. Clarity is a beautiful thing. I had wanted to let go of this relationship during our transitional phase into “just friends,” but prayed that he would look into his heart and allow himself to come from love and not fear. God has not guided him that way, and has encouraged me to let go and let Him lead the way. Done.

Seven things to keep in mind when maintaining harmonious health 4 life and balance:

  1. If your intuition is telling you that something isn’t “right” or is not what it seems, trust your intuition. You’ll feel it in your GUT.
  2. NEVER compromise your desires and beliefs in any relationship. Know your worth and live it.
  3. Don’t rush out of a difficult relationship. Give some time to observe your partner’s behavior without reacting, assess, and then decide if this meets your needs long term.
  4. If any relationship is affecting your health, run, don’t walk.
  5. Always love yourself more than you love another. We can’t give away what we don’t have. I love being in love and sharing my life with another, and being in my own company is awesome too, and I am peaceful and happy with my decision.
  6. You can’t force anyone to want to be in a relationship, and never SETTLE for anything less than what you know you desire and deserve.
  7. Give yourself time to heal from the loss of love.

For me, there were warning signs along the way that I chose to ignore. I’m a very intelligent, intuitive woman, and knew this wasn’t going to work for me long term. I wanted a life with this man, but he changed his mind. I thought we could compromise, but he was set on his decision to live the way he wanted without compromising. Never a good sign and he was, in my opinion, either living in fear of his feelings, or wasn’t honest with me from the beginning about his intentions. I’ll never know and I’m ok with it as what he says or does has no affect on my life anymore. I feel empowered.

I am grateful for this experience as I learned so much about navigating in a “normal” relationship after the decades of co-dependent relationships that I had. I’ve grown tremendously and learned what unconditional love is, and that I am capable of giving and receiving. I will take all that I have learned into my next relationship, and heed any early warning signs, and yes, listen to my gut. My intuition is always accurate. It took me a minute to face the unpleasant truth, but since I took back my power and my truth, I am back to feeling balanced, centered and present. I am back at the control panel navigating my chosen path of a beautiful and blessed life that I have co-created with the Divine.

Wishing you harmonious health 4 life!


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