“When something blows onto your path that you know does not belong there, know that the wind laid it at your feet as a suggestion…If it does not enhance your life, do not give it any power…take your attention off of it...the wind will come again and blow it away. Eventually, something will be laid at your feet that you connect with so strongly, and you will pick it up gently, hold it close to your heart, and cherish and nurture it. You will understand the meaning of spiritual guidance that is the connection to your soulmate. When we stand up in our own power, the Universe works with us to provide the love that we seek, and that which seeks us…one that will enhance our life…one that will bring us joy and laughter, one that will offer adventure, one that will cement a commitment, and one that will be faithful to our heart…this is the Power of Love.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC

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