Every day we are given the opportunity to make new and different choices than we made the day before…this is called realignment. We may realign to our authentic selves at any time. It is always possible to create the change you envision when you adopt a new attitude…a new perspective, and ask the Universe to Co-Create with you. Once you open your mind and your heart to something new, take action in small steps to begin the process…ask for Spirit to guide you on your way, remain focused and certain of the outcome you would like to create, and watch a MIRACLE unfold…It is all in what we envision first, and then we must be mindful to remain in a space of total commitment, and faith, with complete patience in knowing that the Universe will do Her thing…Ask…Believe…Listen for direction…Stay in sync with the Universe…MIRACLES. – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC


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