“Think about your childhood and the story that you created due to your circumstances…and now, think about how as an adult, you allow that story to influence every scene that you live…Children flourish in fairy tales…adults create drama and unnecessary curtain calls when we do not allow ourselves to write a new story, when we remain stuck, and sadly comfortable with the fairy tale we have repeated in our minds thousands of times…When we have the courage…when we believe in the Universe’s love and guidance where Spirit is always present…we can begin a new book. This is when we may create our very own “course in miracles,” where we become fluent in practicing self love, and being free to share it with others. We can use visual imagery to “see” what we desire our outcome to be, and slowly begin to plot it out…one page at a time. We Co-Create our new vernacular with our “Ghost Writer.”…As we put our pen to our paper, slowly and methodically, we begin to have confidence that the written word will jump off the pages, where we begin a new chapter in our lives with faith, hope, love and trust, and we create our best seller.”- ¬†Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC

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