As I continue to recover from the surgical removal of a benign “palate mass,” I continue to reawaken to the beauty around me, and the blaring siren of truth which has placed itself center stage…like the pink elephant in the room. You cannot mistake the colorful truth.

Some “old” people, places and things have remained strong and steady for me to assist me in grounding myself, and offering deep love and compassion…and, new people, places and things have appeared…suddenly…with a strong presence to offer loving support…even one whose story paralleled mine as we supported each other through the darkest hour of uncertainty. We put aside our own worries to offer loving support to each other…as friends…as women…as patients…as recovery warriors. THE EPITOME OF THE TRUE MEANING AND BEAUTY OF UNCONDITIONAL FRIENDSHIP. And…as the Universe has been trying to show me of late through this health scare which has literally suspended my voice…yet again in my life…IT has been whispering to me…tapping me on the shoulder, and then slamming me over the head with a painful realization that I did not want to accept, but…I was finally forced into a screeching halt to hear IT sending me a clear, unmistakable, and concise message…”make yourself heard without any mistake as to your message.” My throat chakra has been cleared. No more upset of harmony. Just…Strength. Healing. Clarity. True story.

This has been an empowering lesson…Take care of oneself first. Always speak your truth with conviction no matter who is listening…and sidestep the crumbs you may be offered in order to accept the whole pie.  Where crumbs are plentiful, but the “whole” is never “palatable,” wash the taste right out of your mouth. I have never been more certain of what quenches my thirst, and wets my appetite…My “palate” will never go hungry, and the fire in my belly will always burn brightly. Self love…self care…self respect…and the humility in knowing that we all need one another…and we are never alone. We need to be humble enough to reach out for help, and grateful when a loving hand is extended…and always be willing to pay it forward…with love in our heart…

The Universe has cleansed my “palate.”

Love and empathy can only be offered from those whose heart and soul exists in pure love…and one who truly lives with God in their heart…

As “A Course In Miracles” states, “I am forever an Effect of God. Thought is Cause; experience is Effect. If you don’t like the effects in your life, you have to change the nature of thinking.”

And in the interpretation of “the course,” known as “A Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson, she states,

1. “Love is real. It’s an eternal creation and nothing can destroy it.

2. Anything that isn’t love is an illusion.

3. Remember this, and you’ll be at peace.

When we think with love, we are literally co-creating with God.”

With faith, hope, and love, anything is possible.

Love and gratitude always,




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