“Starting over and new beginnings can be so very daunting…Learning to appreciate new people, places, and things that are potentially so foreign to our perception and that of our comfortability…It can be somewhat painful to even think about taking that first new step into uncertainty as we so desperately want to hold onto that piece of our past that has been so instrumental in our transformation that taught one how to love again after losing ones way…and, to hold onto a piece of the one who came into our life for a season…a teacher, if you will, sent by the Universe…However, when our beloved encourages us…actually forces us, to open our heart to a new adventure where all that we know and cherish are about to be a distant, yet sweet memory, we have no choice but to step out of all that makes us comfortable…and trust in the new pleasures and blessings that are being offered to us by the Universe/God/Spirit…We have faith, and hope, that we are being lovingly Guided in our Highest interest, and that the newness and excitement will ease the awkwardness and the uncomfortability that can be a part of new beginnings…and…that this new beginning will be that “happily ever after.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC

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