“I have recently been more deeply enlightened…Walking away from a relationship to restore my own peace, and my own health, has allowed me to exhale, to rid myself of anxiety, and to have the opportunity to explore healthy options…finally…I am free of the darkness…the despair…the neediness that is so exhausting…the “woe is me…I can’t…I won’t…” victim mentality. You know that saying about the drowning person who will take you down with them? Luckily, the Universe threw me a life raft. I, in turn, offered to share my life raft with  the drowning soul…to no avail. He told me that his “fear won.” I survived…a bit tattered, but so much the wiser. I have been able to replace the “toxins” with healthy and happy souls that are filled with “Yes!, “Believe!,” “Let’s support each other!,” and “Faith, Hope, Love” mentality…We get up each day…earn all that we provide for ourselves, and for each other…we share our bounty, and together, enjoy all of God’s beauty, where we pray together, and practice gratitude…in the real world. And, if one of us has a challenging day, the other is always there to offer a loving hand…a shoulder…a smile…or to just “be.” What a breath of fresh air…on solid ground where I am no longer swallowing water and gasping for air.

It is all about how resilient one can be…If you cannot move your body and your mind, or refuse to move your body and your mind, out of the same safety spot where you wake up each and every day, and where you go to sleep each and every night…and you are living in a virtual world of quotes and memes written by other people with the trending hashtags, rather than engaging in real dialogue…adult conversation…or human touch…you have become stuck between your choice, and your ego…or…a rock and a hard place. Enjoy your journey…wherever you are headed! We create what we believe we deserve.

We can never second guess the mindset of another, only empathize, and with respect, we must move on. No judgement. Wishing them well. We MUST move on to save ourselves…our health…body, mind, and spirit. And, we continue to pray for their healing.”- Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC

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