Please take care of your mind…express your feelings and emotions often…Be assured that finding one other person to connect with, and to share with ongoing, can reduce your feelings of anxiety and depression. It can change your entire mindset to say aloud…”I am feeling unwell…I need some guidance…Would you sit with me, I need to have a conversation and I would like your insight and support, or, would you just listen.”

As I continue along my own journey, I immediately reach out when I begin to notice myself becoming anxious and sad, and it always changes my perspective after having a conversation with one who can offer a different perspective. Sometimes we allow the negative thinking and fear to lead us because we cannot see clearly under a dark cloud, and we need someone who may be on the outside looking in to offer a different view…one that will offer a solution we may not have considered. I always leave a conversation with a hopeful outlook as I consider the insight and suggestions of a colleague, a friend, a mental health professional, a life coach, or the answer that I receive during meditation and prayer. There is never shame assigned to truth…only freedom…Please know…you are never alone, and connection is key for all of us.  Give yourself permission to ask for help…to cry…to humble yourself…to give yourself the greatest gift…self love and self care…to change your self talk to that of a positive nature…”I am good enough…I deserve to love, and to be loved…I deserve to be heard…I deserve to feel healthy…I will heal…I will work toward balance of my physical, emotional and spiritual self.” Stay connected to your feelings and emotions…For me, it is a daily practice.

With so much adversity and challenge in our lives today, connection and sharing our own personal truth about our struggles, our trauma, our deep emotional pain, our fears, and also sharing what we would like our life to be through healing…is how we may begin to heal and change the trajectory of our journey…

We have to build our foundation in a neighborhood filled with love, compassion, empathy, and truth…where we stay connected…where we connect to our deepest truth…where we connect to the Universe/God/Spirit…where we connect to at least one other person whom we know we can trust.

The vital ingredients in healing and initiating change are self exploration…acceptance…truth…connection…hard work…and faith. Within this practice, we build strength, determination, and resilience where we begin to notice a shift in our thoughts and feelings. We can create change in how we feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually when we take that first step into making peace with our feelings and emotions…and, where we make a mindful decision to change the trajectory at a pace that we feel comfortable with…slow and steady…baby steps…one moment at a time…

There are always options. You are not alone. Whenever you’re ready.

This has been my own experience in my recovery, and as I continue my work in the field of mental health, substance use disorder, holistic health, and recovery …I continue to witness so many others with a great deal of courage who say, “I am ready,” and who are ready to explore beyond their limiting beliefs…always keeping in mind that everyone’s path has curves in the road, and during those times when we are approaching the twists and turns, it is easier to navigate when we are traveling with someone who can see around the bend to offer us insight and new direction.

When you are ready…you will never walk alone.

Love and blessings,


“Our worst enemy does not lurk around us waiting to cause harm to all we hold close to our heart…it is the negative self talk…the negative thoughts which are within us that is truly the enemy we must learn to befriend…with love and compassion.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC


“Today I will turn one negative thought into a positive thought, and continue to use this positive thought to realign with love and connectedness throughout the day when fear attempts to distract me.

This is how I will change my thought today:






It is hard work as we find our way to changing our mindset…and, it is the kind of work that builds an empire…emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually…These are the things one works for that are priceless.

Mindfully, each and every day, choose a positive thought or two to help you to remain aligned with your Highest self through the love of the Universe/God/Spirit…and LIVE YOUR THOUGHTS.

Love and blessings,


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