“If you desire empathy, and have a desire to offer love and empathy to others, you must consider how your sudden and unempathetic words and actions present themselves as they may devastate another’s precious soul and beautiful spirit.

Practicing self love and care is essential, and so is compassion and empathy to one that has given until they were bone dry…offering nothing but a loving and empathetic heart with full forgiveness and humility where they offered of themselves selflessly.

When someone is thirsty, you offer them water…not an empty cup where ones only concern is saving it all for oneself. It’s about WE, not ME.

One has finally had enough of a dry spell, and is in the company of those who are healthy enough to practice self-love and self care simultaneously with love, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, and care of another. One has “tapped” into a line that is certain to keep flowing even when one is traveling alone.

When one is told “not to wait” for another and is turned away at the fountain that once filled their cup, one with self respect, self love, and now, a deeper understanding, finds an overflowing river where one never has to be afraid of finding themselves left quenching for thirst.

If one practices empathy, love and compassion, one is entitled to expect the same in return even after the well has run dry.

Empathy means we know we are imperfect and that we are able to understand another’s pain where we offer comfort, love and compassion…where our cup runneth over…leaving our soul filled with love.”

May you always be blessed in health, in love, and in all that you desire…and may you heal and let go of what no longer serves you.


– Wendy Blanchard, MS, CHHC

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  • Honey, I love you and always will. I truly love you with my heart and soul.

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