“Feeling angry is an emotion that surfaces when we do not communicate after being disappointed in our lives…one that leaves us feeling sad, hurt and frustrated. As we allow these feelings to stew, they only become more profound and it becomes more difficult to express ourselves constructively…but not impossible, especially when true love is the foundation led by faith in Divinity, and we speak of trusting the Universe. We can choose to communicate to find a solution, or, we can choose to hold our feelings and emotions hostage, which in turn, holds us hostage from experiencing love, joy, peace…LIFE. How much more time will one waste in allowing ones feelings to keep one from returning to all that he truly desires and deserves being a tourist in ones life rather than coming home. When one is spiritually connected…one must willingly and gratefully embrace Divine guidance…When one writes about being “love and light,” and “forgiveness and communication,” and one knows the way home where love and light live…one has the ability to navigate around the bend to the place where anger has moved out, and love has left the light on…Me” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC

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