“I am awakened by a song that deeply and profoundly touches my heart…and I cry…”She was sent to rescue me…I see who I want to be…In my daughter’s eyes.”

In my recovery from SUD, I continue to be inspired by my children’s love, and their loving support that inspires me to become who I’ve always wanted to be as a mom, and a woman…to continue to create change and awareness that promotes healing through offering kindness and empathy to others on a journey that begs for direction and hope through sharing my own story of recovery…to understanding and respecting boundaries as a part of self care…self respect…self love, and offering the most precious gift anyone can offer…ones undivided time.

I  am grateful for the opportunity to create a life for my adult children and I, that offers us deep love, connection, and purpose on our new path which we continue to carve out together as we move forward…step by baby step. For me, what is most important is to create a legacy that will offer my children faith, hope, and pride in their heritage, and in what I create in their honor, which speaks of gratitude for a second chance, and of deep love…the power of love…between a mother and her precious children.” – Wendy Blanchard, MS, CHHC


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