“Sometimes when you don’t get what you think you want, and what you think you need…where you step aside to allow for miracles in the form of infinite possibilities…the Universe offers you something so much better, and that which meets your exact energy…your needs…and surpasses your desires and anything you could have imagined. However, be grateful for the lessons learned along the way as these lessons allow us to appreciate what we are being given in its place.

As I allow that which the Universe has dropped into my lap to manifest…to bloom…to open up fully to me…I can clearly see, and appreciate the beauty of the buds that are in full bloom, and that which promises to add vibrant color to the black and white that has been present for too long.

See love in color…feel love hug your soul…hear love in song and poetry…accept it as the blessing and gift that far surpasses anything you had dreamed of…where awe becomes your new normal...and where love is consumed in joyous energy in the experience by both.

Love is meant to be experienced on a two way street where inhabitants build together…Accept the love that you deserve…the Universe KNOWS what you need…and KNOWS what you want...and will always provide…

Let go of what you think you want, and of what you think you need…Open the space for miracles.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC


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