“After spending the afternoon in meditation and prayer in searching for answers and asking for strength, I have “heard” all that was needed for me to heal.

I have been assured by the Universe that the resistance of one who has taken another path is for my Highest good, and Spiritual growth. One who doesn’t match another’s energy, or share the same values…most especially Spiritually…was never a good fit, and only brought together for a season…and a reason.

I was holding onto love that was never mine, and thanks to ones fear and unwillingness to do ones own inner work, and ones ongoing dishonesty and projection…a blessing in disguise… after much heartache, I am free…at last.

Healing will be ongoing…for a season…or a lifetime. It’s a process. Know who you are letting into your life. If one professes ones love in words but not their behavior…expect the season to change prematurely.” Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC



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