I have awakened today with a light heart and ease throughout…

I spent hours yesterday and last night in deep meditation and prayer which is my daily grounding tool. I felt thrown off balance yesterday, and this morning, have awakened with new hope, and crystal clear clarity. I have completely released that which no longer serves me. I have completely detached myself from those who do not serve me. I awoke with absolute clarity and no desire to follow those…real or virtually, who are engaged in an unhealthy and almost narcissistic mindset…that which I had been allowing for too long to affect my health…body, mind and spirit…and, one who regurgitates words that I myself have creatively written and takes the credit. I am free…At Last…That “pulling” that was keeping me tied to another not meant to be in my orbit has disappeared after I mindfully have “cut the chord.” No more mind games…only mindful living that includes love, peace, joy and abundance.

Time spent alone is time well spent…an investment in my health…especially when I connect with the Universe where Spirit lovingly reassures me of my intended path of my Spiritual awakening where I am blessed to be able to help others. Each morning as I ask in prayer as taught in “A Course In Miracles…” “Show me how you would use me today…Show me where to go…who to see…what to say and to whom”…my prayer is always answered and I am so humbled by the Universe’s guidance where I get to live my life being of service of the Highest good.

I forgot who I was for a moment…I am back in business.

“What I have learned?” you ask? To thine own self be true…Never allow yourself to take on the negative and almost harmful energy of another who is “unwell” and is “contagious. Spiritually immunize yourself for protection. Look around at all of the amazing, interesting, spirited and loving souls that ask to be a part of your life. Soak in all of the happy…soak in all of the “how can I be of service today?” like minded people. Soak in all of the love that the Universe is offering. Life is to be lived right now in this moment. Align yourself with those who actually take the action behind their words. It is beautiful and heartwarming, and endearing, to see one who follows up on their word every single time…all we have is our word…To me…it is integrity at its finest and the sexiest part of ones soul.

For me, music and meditation heal…and, sometimes healing takes time, and sometimes, the Universe slams you with the truth, and rocks your world, realigning everything, and everyone in and around the epicenter of your life. I have awakened with re-alignment body, mind, and spirit.

We attract what we feel we deserve…I deserve, as we all do in this Loving Universe…LOVE that is willing and open to joy, smiles, peace and truth right now in this moment, and is unselfish…family that loves and supports one another…a career that I love and where I can be of service and offer hope…friends that enhance my life as I enhance theirs…and mindful health overall that results in Harmonious Health 4 Life.

Love and blessings,


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