“I make a mindful daily commitment to live in joy and gratitude. I wake up and smile. I’m excited to live each day to its fullest! My passion lies within serving others, engaging with my loved ones, and teaching others how to achieve wellness on a cellular level through nutrition, exercise, mindset and healthy practices including relationships!

I think of my family, friends, career, and new relationships that fill my soul and nourish me…I feel at peace and eager to begin each new day. I remain deeply committed to my Faith in the Universe which is where I draw my strength…and with all that I have within reach which is my primary nutrition…I say, “Thank you.”

Without love, joy and purpose, food alone will not heal us. We must tend to our mindset and be sure it is nourished, and feed our soul with Connection to the Universe/God/Spirit.

I make a mindful daily choice to live passionately…love fiercely…trust myself in what serves me, and to serve others with meaning, purpose, and gratitude for the opportunity.” – Wendy Blanchard, MS, CHHC

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