A loving and connected friend…

Sends love and inspiration each morning

Expresses ones heartfelt feelings

Makes one smile from the inside out

Empowers the other through deep conversation, listening with sincere intention, and sharing of experiences

Offers to be of service to family

Texts daily, and often

Calls frequently

Senses when one is out of alignment and calls immediately to check in

Sends thoughtful suggestions through readings and songs

Sends loving gestures…just because

Offers tangible examples to work from professionally in a sincere effort to help one succeed

Gently pushes you to challenge yourself while one holds your hand…and then celebrates your victory…and when something doesn’t work…one reminds you of your purpose and strength…and that “you’ll never walk alone.”

Reminds you of your beauty…inwardly and outwardly

Reminds you that one will always be here

Eagerly shares all of ones knowledge, insight, and experience

And most importantly…even when we are caught up in our busy lives…we are deeply connected to each other through the Universe…sensing at all times each other’s presence…AND IT IS ALL RECIPROCATED WITHOUT FORCE…ORGANICALLY…WITH MUTUAL LOVE AND RESPECT

A deep and loving friendship…one that is truly humble…and lives in trust and with integrity…where our authenticity and vulnerability is raw…and without question…is ”truth identified.”

Relationships are built to last on truth.


Love and blessings,




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