I am of the mindset that whenever we have the opportunity to help another person who is living with any kind of challenge where they would benefit from loving friendship and connection, we should do so with empathy, compassion, kindness and from a place of love. And, most especially when someone is in our “close enough” circle,  and we have been made aware of their situation, we should reach out to offer a loving hand…a strong shoulder…an empathetic ear…or even a nourishing meal…

I also believe that when we ourselves are living with a challenge, mental or physical, that we can expect that love in return as we live in a Universe that encourages us to be of service…to offer loving friendship, and to offer to walk the path for awhile with those who need a “walking buddy.”

Offering a loving and kind word, to hold a hand, or just offering to sit and listen and perhaps offer untapped solutions and/or insight have been found to reduce the stress and anxiety of one living with mental, emotional and physical health challenges…and may significantly impact ones outlook and success in overcoming challenges and adversity.

Giving of your time is love’s greatest gift…and, offers nourishment and replenishment for the soul.

Love and blessings,








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