“It can happen in a heartbeat … another year goes by, and as it comes to a close, we are reminded that life is precious…and that it is meant to live in love and joy. It is time.

We are encouraged to let go…to move on to new possibilities…to reset our mindset…and we take this to heart most especially as we observe others around us sharing love and rejoicing in a deep and unbreakable connection. We allow ourselves the joy of new possibilities where one is adored…and permitted to adore…where one is made to feel wanted…to feel an excitement…and encouraged to reciprocate without holding back.

As we grow and evolve…we accept past mistakes as valuable lessons…and we create a wonderful new life experience that becomes a fiery flame of passion from the ashes that were left behind. Grey turns back to color…and we celebrate the beauty of the burning flame…and the warmth in ones heart that has strengthened the soul to love once again.

If not now…we are stuck…

Once we surrender and place our faith in God…and “live in love” with words and actions…the flame will always remain the light that shines through the cracks to illuminate the heart.” – Wendy Blanchard, MS, CHHC

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