Once in awhile we are blessed to have a friend who comes into our lives without warning…where the Universe “speaks” to us through Divine Connection as “It” presents us with a priceless gift…an answered prayer…FRIENDSHIP.

David came into my life a short time ago, yet we have known each other forever…we agree we are deeply connected on a spiritual level…we know each other as well as we know ourselves…we “sense” the others presence at all times, and time and space have no meaning in this blessed and loving soulmate union…

David came along at the perfect time earlier this year as I experienced challenge and loss, and has been the driving force in pushing me creatively professionally where I have successfully accomplished my short term goals and dreams…and has continuously encouraged me to set intentions and goals for the coming year, and offered me a blueprint to build a strong foundation brick by brick. He has been my loving “soulmate” personally where he has been a superb example of selflessness and unconditional love in friendship. Through his own wisdom and experience, he has shared his journey, and has planted so many seeds, nurtured those seeds, and then stood back as “I” continued to grow…always available at a moments notice to offer “soul” food for immediate direction, where he inspires me to further explore and discover on a deeper level within…using thought provoking questions, encouraging self reflection, and deep and stimulating long conversations that offer the opportunity to experience renewed spiritual and emotional awakenings…and growth.

David has been my friend, my coach, my confidante, and my teacher. Our connection is solid…unbreakable…and we have so much that we are looking forward to in 2019 where we will continue to grow and experience new adventures, and at the same time…be of service to others. In addition, we are excited to add new partners to our collaboration who are as passionate as we are to be of service. Our collaboration offers tools and “guiding principles” that help one to find their own path…their authentic path…of a Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Connection from within.

When the Universe blesses us with so much…it is an honor to pay it forward where we have an opportunity to create a ripple effect…where we all learn from one another…encourage and support one another…and love one another…most especially at this joyous time of year.

David…two words…“awesome serendipity!”

And…”thank you” my friend. “I am,” in part, because of you.


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