When we begin to feel unwell physically, we immediately practice self-care so that we can restore our wellness. When we begin to feel unwell mentally, we must practice the same self-care to restore our wellness.

Our Mental Health and our Physical Health are directly correlated. We must employ healthy practices when we feel well, and when we feel unwell, and these practices will be a personal choice…practices that we inherently know, possibly from past experience, that aid us in thriving in Wellness, and guiding us back to balance…”HARMONIOUS HEALTH 4 LIFE.”

Early intervention is KEY in managing symptoms that cause us to feel unwell.

Healthy practices include healthy choices in the food that we eat, healthy and positive thoughts, getting exercise, a spiritual practice, plant based supplements, rest, loving relationships, recreational activities, and when necessary, seeing a holistic practitioner, like myself, for guidance and care, or the doctor, when necessary.

Our mental health affects our physical health, and vice versa. There are many variables that we need to be cognizant of when managing our wellness.

For more information on my health coaching program and how I will support you in achieving your health and wellness goals, in small, attainable steps, please go to the contact page on this website, and I will be in touch within 24 hours.

You live the life you choose…asking for help along with daily self care is choosing WELLNESS…and WELLNESS IS OUR POWER TO RECOVERY…from any type of health challenge.

To your good health!

Love and blessings,


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