“When we close the door to the past and allow the Universe to guide us to an open door…we may be standing where we were meant to be all along…

The detours on our journey…the scenic route…have been purposeful in that the Universe has shown us that what we see may not always be what is real, and has taught us that although there have been many twists and turns on this path…it has finally brought us “home.” We were always headed in the right direction…with a colorful view on the way…”home.”

The Universe is our “classroom,” and we learn to ALWAYS listen to our Intuition…our “gut,” the very first time when the Universe is revealing the truth. TRUST YOUR CONNECTION.

I now stand at the open door with new hope and clear guidance from Spirit…”Step through the opening…” Our paths have met at the fork in the road…and,

A new journey with faith, hope, LOVE, and trust awaits us. We receive Clear instructions to embrace this path…KNOWING that this one is meant for us.” – Wendy Blanchard, MS, CHHC

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