“A Walking Miracle” it is…

With my deepest gratitude and love to Liz Schorsch, my Counselor six years ago on the Recovery Unit where I began my journey of Wellness from Substance Use Disorder, for recently defining me in her eyes as “A Walking Miracle,” as she has followed my journey and my work in the field these past six years, and my deepest gratitude and love to Steve Roman, for your love and interest, and for  suggesting it as a title for my upcoming book. My editor LOVED it.

After a 90 minute editing session today, we are very excited about the possibilities this book will bring to so many seeking inspiration, support, and wellness during, and after, their treatment for Substance Use Disorder, and Mental Health Disorders, on their way to WELLNESS.

More information to follow as we continue the editing process leading to a book/speaking launch/digital campaign…

And of course, as always, to my loving son, Matthew, for his total excitement about this project and agreeing to create the book cover along with his beautiful friend, Lily. Thank you both, with deep love and gratitude for collaborating with us, and Matthew, for always believing in me and cheering me on. You are my son, and my best friend.

David Rahman, thank you for your ongoing professional guidance this past year…you pushed me so far out of my comfort zone because you said you believed in me…and you stood behind your words…guiding me tirelessly with my Keynote, and teaching me about social media presence, spiritual guidance, and so much more. Your insight and wisdom are inspiring. You always have my back, and I have yours…we have become besties. 😊

Last but not least, Deborah Rooney, without your guidance, this would not have been possible. Thank you for the last six years of always believing in me personally, and professionally…I am so humbled and grateful…You have become a very dear friend. Your exceptional insight, wisdom, and experience as a marketing strategist is second to none, and I am inspired by your work and professionalism, and grateful for your friendship and your never ending willingness to help.

Jason McSweeney, you are an answer to a prayer. Thank you for believing in my work, and for your enthusiasm on this project.

We are on our way…

Thank you, all.




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