Ricky said to Lucy, “Sing to me!” Lucy began to sing “It’s All About That Bass, no TROUBLE…” Ricky said, “Ai yai yai!!! You’ve got some splaining to do! Those aren’t the words! Lucy said, “I changed the words for our new dance number! We’re starting a whole new show!

Ricky replied, “I’ll sing Babaloo, and you turn up the TREBLE…Let me splain something to you Lucy…I’m all about that bass, and you’ll never dance alone…but you’ve “BABAD your last LU…

On with the show!”

We never dance alone…We never walk alone…It is strength that keeps us together as we continue the dance…Strength is not acquired through BASS  alone…it needs some TREBLE to make beautiful music.” – Wendy Blanchard, MS, CHHC


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