“When the universe whispers in your ear, taps you on the shoulder, and hits you over the head, yet you still choose to continue to live in ignorance…the Universe sends an earth angel to meet you face to face to bring the truth to you sweetly, quietly, and in no unmistakable terms…

In an instant, all hurt is gone, and all fond memories are extinguished. Gratitude.

When the truth is brought to us and we think back over situations that never made sense, it becomes  so clear that years went by lived in ignorance, accepting what was less than mediocre, and secretly knowing it was all a lie, but praying for love to bring a miracle.

The universe can influence and attempt to lead one to do the right thing, but an unwell mind and narcissistic personality serves themselves with an insatiable appetite…a glutton that feasts on others kindness when nobody is looking, leaving their victims bare to the bones.

No matter how loud you yell, or how hard you protest, the universe will always find a way to serve the truth…a one course meal…the meat and potatoes that restore one’s appetite for true love, passion and joy with one who takes you to dinner…not eats you alive.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC

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