When we feel triggered, we must stop to use our “wise mind” and informed higher emotion and ask ourselves, “Am I reacting to something that is happening presently?”…or, “Am I reacting to something that has happened in the past that I am projecting into the present?”

Being triggered can generate an emotional response such as fear, panic, or flashbacks, and manifest in physical symptoms such as increased heart rate, and shaking.

When we practice self awareness and we are in alignment with ourselves body, mind, and spirit, we can recognize our feelings, using our “wise mind” vs our “emotional mind” and of our response, changing the trajectory of our resolution, and creating a wellness mindset.

1. Do not react.

2. Listen without judgement of others, and practice non judgement of ourselves.

3. BREATHE…Observe our feelings and emotions, and if warranted, take a timeout.

4. Respond with respect.


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