“Being true to oneself allows one to live in fluidity…authentically aligned with one’s Higher self, and with the calling of the Universe.

When we are aligned, we inherently know what we are looking for, and we never compromise as this would be conforming to what “they say.”

We continue to have faith on our journey and are assured through our strong connection to Spirit that we will be brought together with what is meant for us at the perfect time.

In the meantime, we practice gratitude for all of the blessings that we are given along our path. These detours build strength and endurance so that when we arrive home, we can stand firmly on a solid foundation…in unconditional and unwavering love and commitment. We have the tools to continue to build. These are the tools that we’ve been practicing with as we’ve built up, and torn down, made changes, added and subtracted, had successes and life lessons, joy and pain, epiphanies and heartbreak, and all the while living our truth.

We only experience our power when we live our own truth, on our own terms, on our own time, in brutal honesty as we stay deeply connected to our intuition, guided by Spirit.

When we follow our intuition, where we have a deep visceral response, we inherently recognize what, and who is, and is not, meant for us.” – Wendy Blanchard, MS, CHHC



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