It is said that the Universe sends to us all that we need in the exact time that we need it. I find comfort in this truth as I witness it every single day.

I am a believer in the Universe’s loving guidance through others who are angels living amongst us, and Spirit who lives within us…I pay attention to all of the information that I receive, and ask for loving guidance each day.

And, as is always the case, this morning one of my dearest and closest friends, my mentor, my confidante, soulmate, and colleague, David, called me very early to check in as he often does. Each day he is an inspiring reminder that on each of our journey’s, we are responsible to challenge ourselves, especially where we have the opportunity to “reset our mindset to transform our lives,” which is a phrase David coined. David “senses” me, and I him, no matter how far apart we may be. His beaming smile, straight from his eyes, is the sunshine in my day. His sweet and kind way of offering his perspective, delivered gently from a loving spirit, hits me between the eyes, and I immediately realign. His words resonate deeply, and I recognize that as much as I have accomplished in my recovery of six years through self work/self healing/spiritual healing, I will continue to grow, and evolve throughout the rest of my life. David reminds me of this beautiful and meaning gift of self discovery, and offers to coach me once again to rebalance and continue on my path. I humbly and gratefully accept as he is, to me, a brilliant MIND COACH. One of the things that I look for when I am working with a coach is that they themselves are on a continuous path of self discovery, and always open to new perspectives, ideas, and challenges as they too, are eager to grow and evolve. And, as a WELLNESS COACH, I want to offer the same to my clients, and so I remain eager and willing to do the work ongoing.

David’s “Let it Go” program, and other vital research and work has offered insight, wisdom, and healing to thousands around the world. He is so giving of his time and his information, always from a realistic, yet positive mindset.

For more information on David’s work, and programs, and to contact him for your own coaching session, or to book him as a speaker, please visit https://www.mind.coach.

David is one of my “earth angel’s” who is always connected to my spirit.

When the Universe blesses us with such a gift, we must always follow the loving guidance, and then…pay it forward.

Love and blessings,


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