I once wrote a quote that stated, “Change is inevitable, growth is fortuitous.” The truth is, as life moves on each day, change greets us in many ways, and we must embrace it rather than try to fight it. The truth is also that even when we fight change, we will never succeed in detouring from what the Universe has planned for us.

As I have been experiencing major changes on many levels in my life these past 18 months, and even more so throughout the six years of my recovery from prescription drug addiction, I have found even more inner strength rise out of the challenges, and an even deeper relationship has developed with the Universe/God/Spirit where I depend upon Universal guidance and validation. I stand firmly in my faith knowing for certain that I am lovingly supported, and never alone as I walk my path. The most rewarding piece is that I have done it all, sometimes even stuck in fear for a minute…sober. This is an extraordinary gift to myself…living through every challenge, joy, disappointment, fear, and love, standing firmly in my recovery through practicing my faith, practicing natural and organic self care solutions, and being surrounded by loving family and friends.

This weekend I am moving from my beautiful home, my sanctuary…a home that I created when I began my recovery. It has been such an evolving time for me, and such happy memories. Memories that will remain in my mind and in my heart forever…Memories of hard work, love, joy, family, friends, and peace as I began my life over at the age of 55 just over six years ago. It has been a deeply reflective time, one based on a full recovery, self care, wellness, self discovery, and a spiritual practice that has been at the foundation of it all.

Two of my children, as well as my best friend are also moving out of their homes just about the same time, and we are all supporting each other as we feel the bittersweetness of leaving behind our beautiful homes and loving memories, and as we embrace new beginnings, and look forward to the opportunities to create new memories with our loved ones.

All of the inevitable change that has occurred, some of which has been incredibly difficult and challenging, has helped me to evolve, and to realize that everything is temporary…to live fully in every moment, to love deeply in every moment, and to be grateful for all of the oppotunities that the Universe provides for us to experience, to learn, to grow, and to evolve on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

And, as I am typing this blog, the song, “A Change Is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke began to play on the radio. The Universe is always listening, and communicating. We can hear it, and feel it, when we are open, and spiritually connected.

Love and blessings,


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