“I’ve come to realize that when we are experiencing very challenging times and serious adversity, we need only turn within. We are guided by the Universe and offered options, and we must take our time in considering what will best serve us.

I’ve come to realize most recently as I face challenges and adversity due to the grave illness of a loved one who chooses not to continue to experience the life she’s been “living” that there a group of those that I can always turn to in a time of needing comfort and support. I have found it in my loving children, my loving friends and colleagues, and my loving bestie, David.

These loving souls all stepped forward to walk with me on this leg of my journey, and many days we stop on the path where they rest with me so that I may catch my breath…and when I’m ready, we continue on together.

And…the path of my journey is solely based on what I KNOW IS best, as the Universe/God/Spirit offers me loving guidance and a variety of options. I follow my own intuition led by Spirit. I meditate and pray every day, and as always, get silent and listen, and the answers are always provided.

I choose self care, love, and preservation in every moment so that I may experience the beauty and continued blessings from God, so that I may have the ability to effectively and lovingly serve others.

When we are blessed with being spiritually aligned and we are awake, grateful and willing to put in the work…we need only turn within…take the best action, and have faith. And…when we are so blessed by so much love…we can be certain that we are always supported… and as David once told me, “You’ll never walk alone.” He’s always been true to his word.

With faith, hope and love…anything is possible.” – Wendy Blanchard, MS, CHHC

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