“Never conform to anyone else’s religious or spiritual beliefs. Connect to the Universe/God/Spirit in whatever way that resonates with your soul and where you can feel Spiritual presence and guidance.

If you are being forced into believing someone else’s practice, you are not living your truth. Stand in your power.

Others who are making so much noise about how you connect to the Universe, or how you worship God do not have your best Spiritual interests at heart, nor are they considerate of your individual needs.. This is Spiritual bullying. Threats of God’s “discipline” if you don’t conform to “the only way,” their way…are definite bullying tactics which the Universe does not promote.

Be you, do you, for you. Align with your soul…it always knows the way to connection. Worship, pray, meditate, sing, speak, dance…

God is love. Whenever you choose love, you choose God. The Universe embraces and reciprocates love. Spirit is always revealed to us through love.

Connection is personal and the Universe responds to one universal belief and prayer…


If we BELIEVE in love…If we PRACTICE love…God is always present.”

Wendy Blanchard, MS, CHHC

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