When we habitually put off either doing something new and unfamiliar to us, or doing something that is scary to us, it is most likely fear that is stopping us. Fear of the unknown, fear of the necessary work and time commitment, and fear of the uncertainty of the outcome.

In my holistic health practice, I suggest to my clients that they use the 21/90 rule when contemplating trying something new! Whatever healthy or fun practice you are considering, (that may be scary to you right now), put it into action every day for a short but specific amount of time for 21 days. We have learned that after 21 days of a repeated action of a specific practice, with a positive and enthusiastic outlook, it becomes a new and healthy habit/practice!

Once the client can see the joy and/or healthy benefit to their daily action, I suggest that they continue on for 90 days, as we know that after 90 days of a repeated action of a specific practice, it becomes a new and healthy lifestyle!

And, when we create joy and success through facing our fear, we are able to recognize that our thoughts and anticipation anxiety were creating a false sense of reality through our limited beliefs and perception. Once we open ourselves up to believing in ourselves, taking risks, and asking for a little support from someone that we trust throughout the process, we rise above our limiting beliefs, and unjustified and irrational fears. When we practice with dedication and diligence, we build our confidence, and become more willing to take risks and try things that would normally be outside our comfort zone.

Start the 21/90 rule today! Leave a comment to let me know how you do!

To your good health!

Love and blessings,


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