“Recently, I was deeply hurt by words that were false and that which attacked my integrity and good name. Unconscionable. When he realized his mistake, he did not offer an apology.

I’m told that sometimes we just have to be ok with not receiving an apology as some people will never admit their mistakes.
I read a quote today that said, “This time you’re not starting over from scratch, you’re starting over from experience.” Amen…

I am, by nature, the most humble and forgiving lady, and when I’m wrong, I apologize with humility. It’s how I raised my children as well.

An apology always offers a chance to start over, and speaks of one’s character and loving spirit. Those who don’t apologize for pain they inflict are in pain themselves. However, we must always set boundaries with those who are not coming from a place of love. Adulting means having a dialogue with the goal of resolution without attacking someone’s character just for attention.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC

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