“If we are awake where we pay attention to the Universe as it communicates with us, we will always have the opportunity to listen to “The Voice” that has all of the answers that we seek. Then, we will always do the right thing, and live, and love, to our fullest potential.

If we are awake, yet we choose to keep our senses in the “off switch” position, we are choosing to live without the sounds and sights that bring living color to a black and white existence.

It IS a choice to LIVE OUR LIVES (action), or to merely exist (passive). Life is a cacophony of the arts which creates a kaleidoscope of color…meditation, music, creating with our own hands, writing, photography, acting, or whatever makes us dance, move, thrive…whatever motivates and inspires us to do more of what we enjoy, and then to share it all.

When we create, we bring more color into our world…whatever that means for each one of us. Color brings mere existence to life, and if we are awake, we can co-create our masterpiece. The Universe offers us the palette, and encourages us to pick up the brush. It is a choice to paint…to live…to love.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC

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