I only write about the true experiences that have shaped me. I share my story to offer inspiration on your journey.

My experiences have taught me to take care of me first, to set healthy boundaries, to have no expectations other than what I myself can provide to enhance my physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual health, and that when love presents itself, to embrace it fully, and to reciprocate unconditionally. I’ve learned, with great humility, that my time here is limited, and as I age, I want to experience every gorgeous opportunity, most especially, true love for which I will always believe will arrive at the perfect time.

In the past 7 years of my SUD and mental health recovery, I have grown exponentially. I have endured much disappointment, heartbreak, and loss, and through hard work, dedication and diligence, have successfully come out to the other side, thriving. The adversity and challenges that I have endured and worked through, have been the lessons that I needed to grow in order to prepare me as a teacher, a peer, an advocate, a woman who stands in her own power, and one day, a loving partner for my spiritual twin when he arrives. He too will have had the similar experiences that will cement our bond in recognizing each other’s needs, and desires with passion and joy as our guide led by Spirit. My experiences have taught me what I want and deserve, and what I do not want. I am grateful for every experience, hardship and blessings.

I have morphed into the mom I’ve strived to be, and my relationship with my loving children fills my heart and nourishes my soul.

The Universe/God/Spirit has blessed me with lifelong lessons that enhance my life, and where I can be of service to others. Seven years ago was my rebirth and spiritual awakening…a second chance to live my life in a profound and simple way…one that is grounded in my daily spiritual connection. I live guided by our loving Universe.

I know who I am. I love and respect the soul that I have become.

I see me in you.

Sat Nam.

Love and blessings,



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