As a recovery specialist and holistic health counselor working in the field of mental health, I teach clients and patients about awareness and prevention.

We need to be aware of the triggers that escalate our anxiety, anger, and sadness so that we can avoid these unhealthy situations. Our mental health and physical health are directly related, and it is up to each one of us to practice self care where we completely disconnect from those who are toxic in their own behaviors and unwilling to change. Ive recently experienced a situation with others who will go as far as attempting to force us to do the work FOR them through guilt and manipulation.

As my anxiety and physical symptoms became close to debilitating, I used my “tools” that I’ve created for myself in my SELF CARE SAFETY SET (more info on this to come) and to set strict boundaries as well as completely disconnect from the powerful toxicity that seeped into my soul most of my life. I mindfully walk away with no regrets from whoever, and whatever is attempting to “spread their disease.”

The analogy that I use with clients and patients is if you know that it is flu season, you take every precaution to avoid getting the flu including keeping your distance from others who are unwell. WE MUST TREAT OUR MENTAL HEALTH IN THE SAME MANNER AS WE TREAT OUR PHYSICAL HEALTH.

In my recovery, I’ve learned that NO is a complete sentence, and I need not defend my decision to practice self care. I have also learned that I cannot do this alone. In the past few months, and the past week especially, I have asked for support to help me through this extremely difficult challenge, and I am beginning to feel centered again. My loving children, loving friends and colleagues, my therapist and life transition coach, and my spiritual practice have brought me comfort, reassurance, love and support that which are allowing me to slowly heal.

I share my experiences of the past 7 years of my recovery in mental health and SUD solely to be of service and to offer hope to others. During the time of my active disease, which was most of my life, I had absolutely nobody to guide me and offer me solutions, ideas, or guidance.

I hope that you find my blog helpful and reassuring that when we take care of ourselves, we stand in our power to live our best life, and to be of service to others.

Tune out all of the noise, and the unkind comments of those who are misaligned, without judgement, and go within.

Inherently, we all know what we need to heal, and to thrive in wellness.

Wishing you Harmonious Health 4 Life.

Sat Nam….

Love and blessings,


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