A little over a year ago I had throat surgery, and I sailed through the surgery without any pain meds, and with so much love and  support from my children, my mother, and my loving friends and colleagues.

This morning, I am told, that I am facing a possible imminent surgery, and as I listened to my specialist, I had that same unwell feeling in the pit of my stomach that I had a little over a year ago. Anxiety is back. However, I immediately called a friend, an earth angel who is the epitome of friendship, love, and selflessness, and then sat in meditation for awhile which calmed the anxiety. Self care.

This is a different type of surgery, and I’m told that if I go ahead with the surgery, it may very well alleviate the symptoms that Lupus has caused this past year or so. There is no treatment other than surgery.

I always share my journey as part of my ongoing recovery. It is at this time that I am reminded how important my self care practice, including my meditation and prayer practice is to sustaining, and thriving in my ongoing holistic health recovery. I am confident that I will be healthier in no time, as I am really feeling pretty well for the most part overall.

I am also confident that the love and support that I am afforded each and every day by my loving children, my loving friends, and colleagues will be my strength, not to mention the Universe/God/Spirit’s support which is the main source of my strength. I am excited that we know the possible cause as to why I’ve been experiencing “Lupus” symptoms this past year, and that I will feel so much better, and be symptom free once this is behind me.

Self care are the specific actions that we take individually to achieve wellness for ourselves, and wellness is where we stand in our power.

I love to live, laugh, and love with excitement and passion, and I will be back at it very soon. Can’t wait to dance again worry free. 🙂

Love and blessings,



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