I have found out recently that the writing process, specifically, writing my book, WRITE PRAY RECOVER, is definitely challenging, albeit so exciting and such an accomplishment. I received my manuscript back from my editor, and now comes the daunting task of going through every change with a fine tooth comb, either “accepting,” or “rejecting” her suggestions.

I am wide open to constructive criticism as I want this book to offer support to anyone in any type of recovery, and anyone who is willing to make sustainable lifestyle changes who needs ongoing support. My book is interactive, so self reflection, and self exploration are a big piece of this project, and I share my story to encourage hope and inspiration to everyone who is living with challenges that seem insurmountable. It is all about mindset.

Editing is a concept that has come to light for me as keeping the important things, the beautiful things, the helpful and inspirational things in my book. And, as well in life, editing is also speaking to me, to only keep the people, and things that support me, love me, lift me up, and grow with me…those that align with my values, beliefs, and morals.

While we are all living to be of a healthy body, mind, and spirit, we “edit out” those who do not support this choice of our lifestyle. If we are experiencing the same mistakes repeatedly, whether in writing a book, or in a relationship, we must make changes to fit into the lifestyle that we desire for ourselves that offer us the ingredients that offer a full life…peace, joy, connectedness, love, health. Choice.

Originally, I thought my book was perfect as I wrote it. The content is fabulous, but structurally it needs to be modified. It is only when we receive another perspective from an outsider who can step back and see clearly, that we can finally focus in on the truth and details of what someone else can offer to us as a consideration in terms of a possibility or solution.

Likewise, originally I thought that a relationship that I entered into was perfect for me. However, the love was one sided, and I became drained and exhausted from constantly having to stroke the ego of my partner, with nothing offered to me in return, and additionally, a relationship based on his terms only, or nothing at all. Boundaries were constantly being stepped on, managing the “truth,” irrational accusations and behaviors, constant and sudden change of behavior, and more that affected my physical and mental health. I made a mental list, and just like editing my book, have gone through with a fine tooth comb “accepting,” or “rejecting” the behaviors of this individual, and this relationship as a whole.

I have had a change of heart and mind through my “editing” process, and am hopeful in finding a healthy, two sided, loving and sustainable, joyous relationship. One where spirituality, integrity, trustworthiness, truthfulness, patience, and vulnerability are transparent…just like me.

With editing, we only keep what is going to work…the good stuff…the joy…the peace…the love, and, when the difficulties and challenges emerge, we look at it together, we NEVER give up, and we work it through with healthy and mindful solutions that benefits us all…in writing, in relationships, in life.

Keep the good ones.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC


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