Emotional Intelligence (E.I.) is defined as “the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.” When we express our emotions in a constructive way to others where we seek to find solutions empathetically, we demonstrate that we can not only recite the definition of E.I., but that we have the ability to execute its meaning. That is the time we can boast that we practice Emotional Intelligence as an evolved being…one who “walks the talk.” WORDS ALONGSIDE ACTION.

In my own life, I am surrounded by so many friends and colleagues who demonstrate their Highest Self through empathy, compassion, and love, daily, and I stand proudly in this circle. I only surround myself with those who offer the kindness and empathy that we all need and deserve, and I continue to seek relationships with others who use these same traits to enhance my life, as I enhance others. We are living in a world that craves love, acceptance, and compassion, and we are here together to offer just that…and it doesn’t cost a thing. In fact, it’s worth is priceless.

When one lacks the capacity to “control and express” their emotions “judiciously and empathetically,” we cannot take it personally as the only truth that speaks through their lack is how they feel about themselves, and alerts others to their truth that rears itself when one “feels” hurt and angry. When we can transform anger into clarity, we experience enlightenment (Spiritual Intelligence) and understand what needs to be done. Spiritual Intelligence serves one along with Emotional Intelligence, and “in the absence of Spiritual Intelligence, your Emotional Intelligence serves your ego.” We must “update” our thinking through truthful self reflection, and soul work, which is how we continue to evolve. We look for connection and meaningful conversation as a constructive tool in resolving conflict and healing, rather than infecting ourselves with anger and frustration. This may be an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to share.

Read more about Emotional Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence, and Intellectual Intelligence here. https://sqi.co/the-difference-between-emotional-intelligence-and-spiritual-intelligence/

Deflection is one’s way of avoiding one’s own truth, and here, those of us with Emotional/Spiritual/Intellectual Intelligence must “walk the talk” even more so, to lead by example. We never give up hope, and we stand stronger in our faith when we are challenged with those who seek to be loved, and to be offered empathy and compassion, as miracles can happen at any moment.

Reaching a true level of Spiritual Intelligence “transcends the false self (ego) by being the true self (soul). Therefore, in addition to experiencing the qualities of the soul, in the form of peace, joy, love, and compassion, SQ also has access to all the capabilities of the soul, in the form of witnessing, ego-less perception, ego-less motives, wisdom, intuition, integrity, inherent self-esteem and creativity, resulting in top performance.”

Each and every morning in prayer I ask God/Universe/Spirit to guide me, and to “show me who to see, and what to offer in words and actions” in an attempt to help, to serve, and to inspire those who need empathy, compassion, love and guidance. I am Divinely guided every day, and am grateful for this Connection, and for the opportunity to serve, and to pay it forward.

And, as we all crave love, compassion, connection, acceptance, and validation, I am grateful for the heartfelt feedback from those that I have loved, my children, my colleagues, friends, clients/patients, and from my life coach and my therapist, that offer me the feedback as a reminder that I am successful on my journey as I continue to “walk the talk” on my path, and to continue to serve. And…I am a realist, and when I experience self doubt and fear, I dig my heels in a little deeper, and pray to God/Universe/Spirit to show me how to “re-align.” Sometimes it takes a moment for clarity to settle in, but it always does. When we have strong faith, and believe in the power of prayer, and in the power of love, we have the ability to understand the lesson, and use it to our benefit. It is then that we can pay it forward…which is my purpose, and my passion.

When we put in the work to better ourselves on a personal and soul level, we have the ability to offer solutions through our own experiences to those with an open heart, an open mind, and the willingness to learn, to update, and to evolve. It offers the opportunity to greet each new day with renewed hope, to work on our “Universal assignments” that promotes a deeper sense of self awareness, and an eagerness and excitement to see new things that may offer a new perspective as we step way outside our comfort zone. It is all what we put into our lives directed by purpose, passion, FAITH, joy, and love, that manifests our best self where we truly practice Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence, and where we have the opportunity to always do the next right thing for the good of everyone.”

Love and blessings,





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