We are all living in a highly stressful world with so much demand on our precious time. Stress builds up in our bodies, and if we are not finding ways to manage stress, it settles on the inside of our bodies causing us to become dis-eased.

It is vital for us to be mindful of all that we are doing each day, what we put into our bodies, and making sure we are choosing what is best for us. For so many, there is the non stop rushing through the day from the moment we open our eyes until we are able to go to sleep at night, and many times we do not enjoy a  restful sleep. After awhile of this running and doing for others, going to work, and meeting the everyday living challenges, we become overwhelmed, super busy and distracted, and forget to take care of ourselves, to practice self love and self care.

Eating good food that is organic (I know it’s expensive but a worthwhile investment in your health and your life) is best for our bodies and our minds. I see so many people pushed to their limit, and who are choosing to eat on the run, stopping at fast food restaurants to find “food” to give them fuel to keep on going. I see an epidemic of bad moods developing in our country. Stress, poor nutrition, folks being unhappy in their career and/or relationships, lack of exercise, and no spiritual practice, in my opinion, are the underlying factors of this “bad mood” epidemic.

Scientifically, the foods that we eat directly affect our moods. The “food mood” relationship is maintained by neurotransmitters, which are chemical messengers that relay thoughts and actions throughout the brain. Julia Ross, author of The Mood Cure states “junk moods come from junk foods.”

Some neurotransmitters such as serotonin can make us feel relaxed, and others, such as dopamine, have a stimulating effect. Food breaks down in our digestive tract and enters our bloodstream which creates changes in the behavior of these neurotransmitters, which impacts our mood. Add to the junk food the stresses of everyday life, and unhappiness in career and relationships, and no compass for spirituality, and we have a recipe for dis-ease.

Today, I am taking a self love, self care day. I am always so busy and sometimes forget to check in with myself. Some things that I am doing, and you can do as well to check in with yourself, are the following:

-Prepare a healthy meal for yourself at home that includes nutrient dense foods that include greens, protein, healthier types of grains such as amaranth, millet or quinoa, and plenty of water to detox all of the everyday toxins that our bodies absorb. Eat slowly, calmly and with a mindful purpose, and being grateful for this amazing, healthy meal.
-Take a long, hot bath with lavender bath salts. You can make this with Epsom salt and Lavender and Rosemary Essential Oil. I use about 16 ounces of Epsom salt,  5 ounces of Lavender essential oil, and about 1 1/2 to 2 ounces of Rosemary essential oil. Use three parts(or three drops) Lavender to one part (or one drop) Rosemary. Use the amount that you desire to enjoy a healing, zen experience in the bathtub.
-Meditate in a quiet space, and afterwards, continue to listen to healing/cleansing meditation music to keep you balanced. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPVX75VIpqg.
-Light organic scented candles. Use whatever aroma is relaxing to your senses. During the Winter month, I light the fireplace for a warm, relaxing feeling. In the warmer months, I love to sit quietly  on my balcony facing the breathtaking mountains of the beautiful Hudson Valley where I live in Orange County, NY, and meditate in awe of the wondrous beauty that I am surrounded with. No matter what time of year, I always express gratitude for my blessings.
-Enjoy a cup of Chamomile tea, or whatever tea is relaxing to you.
-Do some gentle stretches to awaken your body and your mind.
-Take a quiet walk.
-Spend time with family and/or friends.
-Disconnect from social media, texts, iPhone, etc. (Be brave! Try it!) I love the sound of silence.
-Connect to the Universe or God, or whatever spiritual practice you subscribe to each day. It is how I stay grounded and aware of all that I am. When I connect with God, I am connecting myself to all those that I love, even if they have passed on, or if we are estranged. I have been estranged from a particular loved one for awhile now, but I continue to pray and Kythe with him. I give and receive love through prayer and Kything, which is a “communion skill, a spirit-to-spirit loving presence which can bring about a deep sense of peace and communication.” I do this as a daily practice. My spiritual practices offer me love and connection with my loved ones in a present state of mind. It is my form of meditation.

Take care of yourself as you take care of others. YOU are the most important person in your life. Give yourself the gift of time to explore the things that are good for YOU, that make YOU happy, that will enhance YOUR life. Without YOU in the best state of whole healthiness, nothing else matters. This is your life. Live it. Love it.

Wishing you harmonious health 4 life!

Love and blessings,



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