I began my Substance Use Disorder recovery 5 years ago in Holistic healing because I needed to find a healthy, alternative way that would become a lifestyle. I became a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and have been blessed with many other Holistic practitioners, and an amazing Functional Medicine Physician, AND, a wonderful primary care physician, all who work together to keep me healthy.
Recently, over the past 2 months, I began feeling very unwell with symptoms that seemed to be viral, bacterial, flu symptoms, and was diagnosed with systemic Candida (yeast overgrowth). The doctors tried, unsuccessfully, to manage the symptoms.
Using my own expertise in Holistic health, and conferring with all of my medical team, we learned today that I have a very high level of a protein in my blood which I’ve had before when I was diagnosed with Lupus. All of the other clinical symptoms I presented with make sense. And, just like before, we are all working together to help me to heal…holistic healing, and some traditional approaches too.
I truly believe that my exercise routine, EVERY OTHER DAY, (I take a recovery day in between, and usually take a short walk on those days) has held this autoimmune disease at bay. Staying in motion has allowed me to build stronger muscles, prevent joint stiffness, control fatigue, and avoid weight gain…all symptoms of Lupus. The muscle weakness has also come back a bit in the past month, but its been manageable through exercise, nutrition, and extra rest on the weekends.
The Candida has been severe and has added to my symptoms…Candida is caused by prolonged periods of stress, and antibiotic use,  and causes a myriad of symptoms including weakened immune system, brain fog, exhaustion, and chronic sinus infections…all of which I have.
My situation is complex, but I know that my healthy diet that consists of no gluten or dairy, no sugar or grains, lots of water, no processed foods, all organic foods, exercise, and my spiritual practice which keeps me emotionally balanced, prayer, and the love and support of my family and friends, help me to push myself to do what I need to do, even when my body is saying, “No.” I work every day in a career that I absolutely love, I exercise, I cook healthy meals, get lots of rest, I live my life…
I am sharing this because it is so important to realize that we need balance in our lives, and we MUST take care of ourselves. We must ask for help when we are feeling unwell. When I go to the hospitals every week to meet with the patients, I always tell them to speak up when their symptoms recur, and not to be afraid to ask for help. WE MUST LEARN TO SELF ADVOCATE, and I tell them that inherently, we all know what we need to heal. I need the balance between Holistic, and traditional medicine, and I have asked all of my practitioners to work together to guide me in healing. They have been so supportive…truly amazing.
I used to think that it had to be ONE way only…but I have come to realize that balancing traditional medicine (when necessary), and natural and organic solutions, is the most beneficial…for me. And, I’m so grateful to my medical team who work together so that I may receive the greatest benefits in healing.
I love CuraPro (Curcumin and other healing ingredients) as an antiflammatory. It has been helping me with inflammation and pain, and its all natural. I am using all of my plant based vitamins, and have added in some new ones as determined by Kinesiology performed by my Functional Medicine Physician. I also receive Acupuncture treatments to reduce inflammation. And, I am using a medication specifically to treat Candida. I don’t believe I will need medication for Lupus. I will continue to manage it holistically, but my body will tell me what it needs.
I am also on a strict Candida diet so that I do not “feed the yeast,” and being in this field helps me greatly to know what my body needs, and what it must not have. I also live by the Blood Type Diet. This diet was created by Dr. D’Adamo, and is scientifically proven to be beneficial. The premise is that there is a reaction between the food that we eat and our blood…when we eat foods that are incompatible with our blood, it causes dis-ease, and promotes inflammation. When we eat foods that are compatible with our blood, it promotes wellness and healthy cells.
If you would like more information on any health challenges you may have, or on the Blood Type Diet. or just how to make small changes that offer a healthier lifestyle,  or the other services I offer, I provide a free health intake that takes about 45 minutes. Then if you are interested, I can guide you on the Holistic side, through nutrition and supplements, and EXERCISE, to achieve your health and wellness goals.
You can email me at wendyblanchard044@gmail.com, or call me at 845-263-4094, for more information. I work with clients by phone, or in person.
These past two months have been a reminder to me that stress can manifest in ways that we aren’t even cognizant of, but that when we are aware, and in tune to our body and our mind, we instinctively know what we need, and what to ask for. Stay “tuned” to your signs, and symptoms. Your body will always tell you what to ask for to heal itself…whether it is medication, or that of natural and organic solutions, or a balance between the two. And, although we may do everything we know we need to do to remain in balance, sometimes stress overload can crush you when you aren’t even aware that it is so prevalent. For stress I love exercise, Acupuncture, and I use a wonderful all natural supplement called Gabatrol, and also very important is the removal of sugar, gluten and dairy from the diet. Not all at once! We will take baby steps, and it doesn’t have to be 100% of the time. 80/20 will work. It is a process.
Wishing you harmonious health 4 life!
Love and blessings,

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