If Not Now…When? – Wendy Blanchard, MS, CHHC

Recently, the Universe has reminded me through a loved ones journey, just how our lives can seriously change, or be taken, without warning, forcing me to re-evaluate my own path…forcing me to ask myself when I would finally be able to move forward…

In my recovery of nearly seven years from Substance Use Disorder, I’ve constantly been “forced” out of my comfort zone in order to evolve into my best and highest self, and in order to serve others most effectively in the field of Mental Health and Holistic Health…my greatest joy and privilege.

During this same time frame, the Universe provided me with information and opportunities that would enhance my life in a monumental way, and where my path would completely take a different road. I had to weigh it all, and considering the profound lesson brought to me through my loved ones sudden near death experience, I knew the present circumstances that blindsided me with ultimate truth regarding the fragility of life, was a message from Spirit to trust God and take the steps forward that I was too afraid to previously take…

If not now…when…

To step out into an unfamiliar direction, by oneself after seven years of thriving in recovery, takes courage, self confidence and faith, that no matter what I do, or where I go, or who I am with, I am lovingly supported and guided by the Universe/God/Spirit.

With faith, hope, love and trust…anything is possible.

I am so grateful and excited for new experiences…

The saying, “Life is short,” has taken on a new and powerful meaning.

Sat Nam.

Love and blessings,



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