Processing the Cancer that has forever changed my mother brings up so many emotions. I am trying to identify each emotion, write it down, and talk about it.

This experience has come to remind me, yet again, just how fragile life is.

For my mother, my sister and I, everything has been forever altered. Altered… not completely broken. We will use the pieces left to create a new normal.

Moving forward, I am going to love EVERY moment that I am blessed to be alive, and love everyone dear to me with great passion. I am making a commitment to myself to never waste a thought on anything I cannot change, to not worry about things and situations outside of my control, and to only align myself with people that will enhance my life, and allow me to enhance theirs.

Life changes in the blink of an eye. Stay awake.

The Universe has used my mother’s Cancer to get my attention. My senses are heightened. I am fully awake. My connection is solid.

Mission accomplished.

Sat Nam.

Love and blessings,


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