“If we are hurting, and most of us do from time to time, we learn to ask for help.
If I need help, I will ask for it. I will put humility into action in my life.”
In my own life and struggles, I have had the “I don’t need anybody, or any help to get through this” mindset. In recovery, I have learned how wonderful it is when I am feeling sad, scared, angry or hurt, to share it with someone who may be able to give me some feedback to offer a perspective that I may not see through my feelings and emotions. In fact, the very first time I asked for help was 5 1/2 years ago when I was “sick and tired of being sick and tired” suffering with Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health challenges. And, I have been humble and grateful each and every day that I took that first step which has led to thousands of steps in healing and evolving on my journey.
We CANNOT isolate or form a cocoon to heal. We NEED connection in order to learn, to grow, to heal, and to evolve, and to experience true PEACE.
And, contrary to what some believe, this type of humility and vulnerability speaks of our STRENGTH and determination in healing, and shows that we are humble and brave enough to speak to our truth…WE ARE NOT PERFECT…WE ARE OPEN TO GUIDANCE…WE ARE ON A LIFELONG JOURNEY…and WE ARE WILLING TO SHOW OUR VULNERABILITY through the words, “I would like some help.”
One day, you may have the opportunity to pay it forward…that is the magic of our own healing, peace, and growth…and…how we begin to build a connected and healthy community.
We never have to walk alone…
Love and blessings,

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