“Believing that we are living in deficit, creates a mindset of lack and perpetuates this as our reality. We are actually stating, “I am NOT enough,” which comes from fear that may even be a subconscious  mindset of never having enough, or being enough.

If we focus on the present moments and use all that we DO have, it strengthens our truth and authenticity where we expand ourselves and ultimately believe that “I am enough in everything that I am, and in all that I am.” Love speaks…Fear cuts off our voice.

Scarcity is not who we are, and never defines oneself. When we use a “ strength based” mindset with “strength based tools,” we create a strong foundation, and build up from there, We may need to “re-design” the blueprint throughput our LIFETIME PROJECT as we are living in the natural course of the ebb and flow of our physical life.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC


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