“Dust it off…shake it off….get up and stand tall…

Begin again…Tap into your Inner Strength and pull yourself up…It is all up to you how you choose to use your strength…Will you allow it to pull you up towards the light where you can clearly see limitless possibilities, and sensational solutions, or will you allow it to pull you down deeper like quicksand sucking you into the darkness where you remain blinded by your pain and you lose your way?

Hit your knees, look up, ask for guidance, dig deep, and come back swinging…You have no idea what you are made of until the candle burns out and you are left to make a choice. You must choose to either use that tiny little ember to ignite the flame that will light your way where you experience all that you are truly made of in the life that you deserve…or, rest in pieces in the hollow dark hole…

Challenge yourself…and when you finally rise up and stand up…a little bruised but not broken, you will finally begin to LIVE…on your feet…taking baby steps in great stride, and arriving at any destination you choose…in one beautiful imperfect piece that glistens with character, and exudes experience built on your own inner strength.

Crawl…stand…one foot in front of the other…slowly…purposefully…You will arrive in your own time. Imperfectly gorgeous…One of a kind. Stand proud and tall.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC

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