“Just when we think that we know what, and who, is meant for us on our journey, the Universe steps right in front of us to block the path, to lovingly protect us, and shows us that what we thought was meant for us, was only temporary. A season and a reason.

When others are placed on our path, yet, they are unwilling to do their own inner work, the Universe walks alongside of us, and steers us to a new path with new people, in a new environment. The Universe brings us those who match our own energy…those who will freely accept, and offer love, without conditions, without limits, without excuses.

This is the ripple effect that spreads along our path, and out to all those around us who are aiming to arrive at the same destination…peace, love, joy, connection…Connection which is authentic, and ever lasting, even along the path of missteps, circles, and even when we lose our way. We hold hands, and follow the path willingly Divinely guided, never deviating from the road in front of us. We stay the course…bound in faith.

Love will always lead you back in the right direction.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC


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