“I’ve rolled with the punches…learned to go with the flow…walked away from anything or anyone that is out of alignment from love…set boundaries with everyone…learned not to sweat the small stuff…became completely independent and self sufficient…and realized that all this time that I’ve been experiencing mountains of challenges, one on top of  the other…these were necessary lessons compliments of the Universe preparing me for a path where I would need to use all of this experience in a very big Universal assignment… and now…the time has come.

I feel well prepared as I step onto a brand new path…with humility, grace, and gratitude, and the heartfelt thrill of knowing I’ve worked for it all. I’VE EARNED IT ON MY OWN.

The taste is highly palatable when you plant the seed, grow, nurture, and harvest the food yourself.

”There by the Grace of God go I.” – Wendy Blanchard, MS, CHHC

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