“It is always helpful to remind ourselves, and others to think positively, to avoid toxic relationships, to eat healthy and to find something joyful in each day…

My work with youth less fortunate and struggling also reminds me that for them it may not be possible to find that joy…yet.

Their personal circumstances prevents them, currently, from having experiences that will allow them to shift their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. No doubt that this can be frustrating and challenging as I attempt to guide them and teach them…

I never give up.

Today, taking baby steps, I had a breakthrough with a handful of students. And this afternoon, I was challenged with another group that are not ready for that shift…yet.

I never give up.

Empathy, patience, compassion, and always looking to see myself in others knowing that we are all connected, and we all just need a little love.

Love is the antidote.” – Wendy Blanchard, MS, CHHC


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