“People who change partners every couple of years, and sabotage every relationship is aware of the changes they need to make, but refuse to make, so they run away always pointing their finger.

These are the people who are constantly reminded by the mirror that each partner reflects back to them that they are completely transparent, and imperfect… yet they want perfection in their relationships.

If a partner constantly stands in judgement of others…it’s not about others…it’s how they feel about themselves.

Happy, positive people with a kind and humble spirit recognizes the truth, and readily has the willingness to do the work…NOT to be perfect, but to evolve and thrive.

Learning, growing and evolving is a lifelong process. Those of us who are excited to meet our next Universal assignment and who are excited to do the work are those blessed to know the true spirit of life…

ENLIGHTENMENT” – Wendy Blanchard, MS, CHHC

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