“Throughout the year, and most especially during the holiday season, I am reminded that many people enjoy marking an occasion and celebration toasting with a glass or two of their favorite spirits.

In my long-standing recovery from Substance Use Disorder where I toast with my lemon/lime water, I have found that I’m able to celebrate in complete joy, without alcohol and having great fun focusing on connection with others!

I am outgoing, I feel so grounded in my wellness, and I feel a natural “high” celebrating with old friends and new friends!

My sobriety is the elixir to my wellness, to my peace of mind, and to the woman I have grown to be of whom I am so proud.

For me, the “high” of celebrations are loving connections, and building relationships with a clear and healthy presence of mind, body, and spirit.” – Wendy Blanchard, MS, CHHC

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